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What is the Herring Enhancement Program?

Recording of the NEMO talk from June 5, 2022

| For many reasons the herring have not been successful in laying their eggs on natural vegetation in the ocean plus, creosote on dock pilings kills the eggs. The goal of the Herring Enhancement Program (HEP 2022) is to increase the probability of egg survival by providing fabric curtains hung in the ocean where herring are known to frequent. Usually beside docks for easy access, the curtains have floats along the top and weights along the bottom to suspend them above the ocean bed at low tide.

Presentation by Mike Price. Mike Price has had a long career in municipal infrastructure, working for the City of Scarborough, and as the General Manager of Toronto Water. Retired now, he has a keen interest in the Environment and is a member of two Rotary International Action Groups.

Recorded Sunday June 5, 2022.

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