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You too can join a whale sighting network!

| Susie Washington-Smyth (SGIWSN) & Martin Wale (SIMRES) review the work of of the Whale Sighting Network and other ongoing conservation and education work on the Gulf Islands. Connect with likeminded people to help create a Sunshine Coast whale sighting group.
Southern Gulf Islands Whale Sighting Network (SGIWSN)
Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society (SIMRES)

Recorded Tuesday June 7, 2022.

Additional resources:

The Work of SIMRES Whale Research

Citizen scientists on Saturna, Pender and Mayne Island support the work of marine biologists.

BC Coast Hydrophone Network

Listen to the whales! The SIMRES Boundary Pass hydrophone array is part of the BC Coast Hydrophone Network.

Field Notes: Recovering Southern Resident Killer Whales – Parks Canada – 6:36

6:36 | Parks Canada
In 2019, the Government of Canada announced an enhanced recovery strategy for the Southern Resident Killer Whales.

#for the whales text
For the Whales Project

SIMRES project A series of short videos of the project ambassadors recorded from an event at the Saturna Island Community Hall in 2019.