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A Wall Worth Building

Making Clam Habitat Great Again

An article and video in the Hakai Magazine. Also, check out the NEMO talk, Clam Garden Restoration, by Indigenous knowledge holder Carl Olsen.

IOn a small island off Canada’s west coast, a group of people is rebuilding ancient clam gardens. For thousands of years, indigenous people all along the Pacific Northwest coast have cultivated clams by manipulating beaches to encourage the growth of more and bigger shellfish. These clam gardens supply a reliable and abundant source of nutritious food year round.

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How did the salmon get its hooked nose? An elder from the Jamestown S’Klallam tell the tribal story.

Kwentens ?e to Sinkwu – Guardian of the Sea
We are grateful to the shishalh Nation for this video contribution to the Sunshine Coast Ocean Festival. ?ul nu msh chalap (Thank you) 

Parks Canada Regulations

Eel grass: Amazing Meadows of the Sea

See Sea Slugs Scour Seagrass by the Seashore
Eelgrass sea hares may look like lazy, zebra-striped spoonfuls of jello, but these sea slugs are actually environmental heroes.4:14 | Deep Look, PBS

Restoring Our Eelgrass
The story of eelgrass restoration on Nex̱wlélex̱wem/ Bowen Island near Vancouver, BC Canada. 11:43 | Bob Turner

Seagrass: Life in the Underwater Meadows
2:51 | Hakai Institute

Eelgrass Transplant Time lapse
1:21 | Sea Change

Eelgrass and Estuaries Up to 4K
As part of the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Salish Sea Marine Survival Project, the SeaChange Marine Conservation Society is restoring eelgrass habitats within estuaries of the south coast.
4:17 | Sarah Verstegen

SṈIDȻEȽ Beach Restoration Project. Walking hand in hand with First Nations and BC Parks, SeaChange is continuing the restoration of the estuary in SṈIDȻEȽ. 5:35 Seachange Marine Conservation Society

Forage fish: More than just some Little Fish

WE are the Herring: This is our story
Where there is herring there is hope… This video follows the journey of Pacific herring over thousands of years and reminds us of the important ecological, cultural, and economic role of this foundational species that are currently on the brink of collapse. Conservancy Hornby Island. 3:12min

Before the Beauty is gone
Our fish are disappearing. Not our Salmon or our Halibut, but those will soon follow. Forage fish, a key segment of the marine food chain, is vanishing off the coast of BC. 14:00 | Mackai Sharp

Pacific Herring – Small Fish, Big Problem
5:59 | Conservancy Hornby Island
Visit the Conservancy site for more info and videos.

HOWE SOUND BALLET: seals & sea lion feeding on anchovy
A close up underwater view of a feeding frenzy of an anchovy “fish ball” by seals and sea lion.
8:18 | Bob Turner

Beauty and the Feast
Every spring, nature puts on a breathtaking display on the British Columbia coast. The waters turn milky white as millions of male herring release sperm, while the female fish lay billions of pinhead-sized eggs.
2:41 | Hakai Institute.

Wiggly Fish – Spawning Sand Lance in BC
4:46 |Otter Be Good Productions, Terry Brown

Creek and stream restoration

Ennis: A creek worth saving. The story of a special creek the flows thru Port Angeles, with a long history and the growing idea of restoring a small but vital stream back to its full potential.
10:40 John Gussman

Salmon paparazzi’: Streamkeepers use motion-sensor camera to capture conservation data  1:01 |

Mosquito Creek salmon habitat restoration  The North Shore Streamkeepers completed a habitat restoration project on North Vancouver’s Mosquito Creek last fall and is already seeing massive returns of salmon. video courtesy of Keegan Casidy, North Shore Streamkeepers. 1:36

SṈIDȻEȽ Beach Restoration Project. Walking hand in hand with First Nations and BC Parks, SeaChange is continuing the restoration of the estuary in SṈIDȻEȽ. 5:35 Seachange Marine Conservation Society

Blue Carbon:  A Story from the Snohomish Estuary.
5:47 | EarthCorps

For more information about streamkeepers, or to get involved visit the Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers Society website

Glass Sponge Reefs

Exploring Beautiful Glass Sponge Reef | Nautilus Live. The E/V Nautilus team, in partnership with Ocean Networks Canada, explores stunning and colorful fields of glass sponge reef in the Strait of Georgia. 2:33 | Nautilus Live

Glass sponge reefs: the basics. 1:55 | LeysLabUofA

Glass sponge biotherm and garden. 1:50 | RoyMulder

and more….

Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere
We live on a finite planet. What happens to yesterday’s shiny new thing that is today’s cast-off? What happens to “throw away”, when there is no “away”?  4:00 | Sarama

Remember… You are Wild
A Discussion with Dr. Sylvia Earle and Craig Foster from My Octopus Teacher; focussing on protection of the Great African Sea Forest. 45:02  | Mission Blue

Life Beneath the Surface
Watch this 4 minute film by the SCCA celebrating the incredible diversity of marine life found in our own “backyard” on the Sunshine Coast. 4:00 | Sunshine Coast Conservation Association