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Fraser Estuary Protection

Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Featured in the film The Soul of the Fraser, their research has been crucial to providing data regarding estuary degradation. They have numerous other projects including salmon habitat protection/restoration, wolf tracking and protection, and whale research. A worthy organization for donations.

Five environmental groups have launched a combined legal challenge against the port expansion plan at Roberts Bank: a coalition including the David Suzuki Foundation, the Georgia Strait Alliance, the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the Wilderness Committee. Represented by Ecojustice, the group has filed an application in Federal Court for judicial review of Terminal 2’s approval. Ecojustice is Canada’s largest environmental law charity.

Marine conservation

Ocean Wise. 49 Ways you can make an impact.

Salish Sea Cetaceans

BC Cetaceans Sighting Network All about whale activity along the coast, including info about how to report a sighting, and blog posts about recent activity, including The WhaleReport alert system.

Marine Education & Research Society (MERS) Contribute data. Collecting whale sightings is essential in increasing our understanding of everything from survival, age of calving, site fidelity, feeding strategies, areas of whale density, range, entanglement rates, etc. 

Humpback Whales of the Salish Sea is an ongoing photo identification project, dedicated to better understanding the Humpback Whales documented within the Salish Sea and western entrance to Juan de Fuca Strait.

Be Whale Wise informs you on the laws pertaining to marine mammals, as well as provides additional guidelines that will make you a safer boater and a steward of our natural resources.

IF you see tail, fin or spray – Stay far enough away

Upper Sunshine Coast Whale Research Group. Proposing a whale sighting group to assess the humpback whale population in the Salish Sea spanning from Powell River to Toba inlet. To be added to the mailing list for updates contact:

Protect Howe Sound

Connect with My Sea to Sky to join advocacy actions to protect Howe Sound. Current campaigns include:

  • Woodfibre IAAC amendment
  • Woodfibre effluent amendment


The Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers Society works to protect wild salmon and their habitat. Find out how you can help rehabilitate wild salmon stocks and protect our beautiful creeks so we can enjoy them for generations to come!

Protect Forage Fish

Forage fish are super-abundant schooling fishes such as herring, anchovy, sand lance, surf smelt, sardine, capelin and eulachon. Sunshine Coast Friends of Forage Fish collects spawning data on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia beaches and is always looking for more volunteers.

Report dead boats and marine debris

The Dead Boats Disposal Society actively provides research, education, inventory, removal, assessment, remediation, and disposal of dead boats and marine debris from our shores in British Columbia, Canada

Forage Fish and Chinook Salmon 

Contact Dr. Will Duguid, to volunteer with the UVic Adult Salmon Diet Program.


Contact Dr. Susan Anthony of the SeaChange Marine Conservation Society to get involved with their Resilient Estuaries of the Salish Sea project. Help SeaChange identify critical estuarine habitats and rank their resiliency in the face of climate change. 

Help stop eelgrass bed damage. SeaChange Marine Conversation Society – Sea floor friendly mooring system (video).

Dungeness Crabs

Contact Heather Earle, a marine ecologist with the Hakai Institute to engage with the Sentinels of Change project, help monitor nearshore ecosystems and track change with projects such as Adopt a Light Trap


Contact Lee Ann Ennis to get involved with her kelp bed restoration projects. Follow Lee-Ann on Twitter.

Download the Seaweed Sorter. Pacific Northwest Edition. Patrick Martone.
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Also available from Google Play.

Join the Kelp Forest Challenge.

Help save the kelp forests: anyone can get involved, it doesn’t matter if you are a snorkeller, CEO, scientist, artist, Prime Minister, or ocean lover you can join the movement.