Citizen scientists sampling forage fish eggs on a beach.


Sunshine Coast Friends of Forage Fish

Thursday June 8, 2023, 3-5pm
Friendship Park, Sechelt

Come out to the beach at Friendship Park, Trail Bay and learn about who forage fish are, and why they are important. Then we’ll get into a demonstration of the sampling process used by citizen scientists all along the Salish Sea to determine where these important little fish are choosing to spawn.  Bring your gumboots and curiosity for this hands-on demonstration.

Forage fish on a log

About Dianne Sanford

Dianne has been coordinating forage fish sampling on the lower Sunshine Coast for several decades.  She works with volunteer citizen scientists to determine sand lance and surf smelt spawning presence at local beaches, information which was previously undocumented.  This information is then submitted to a central database for public information.  

Additional resources:

Surf smelt (top) and Pacific Sandlance
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Watch this webinar for an introduction to the wonders of all the little fish.