Seafloor garbage
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Seafloor garbage in the Salish Sea

Taking out the trash
Susan Anthony

Recorded June 7, 2024. Human-made debris enters the water and disappears below the surface. There it stays, smothering the sediment and its organisms, leeching pollutants, and breaking into smaller and smaller pieces, but never going away. SeaChange and its partners have spent the last decade restoring and conserving nearshore habitats, which includes underwater debris removal. 

We have navigated regulations and developed effective methods. However, any work underwater is dangerous, time-consuming, and costly. There are legions of dedicated shoreline and underwater clean-up crews, but there are still challenges: who’s responsible for the cleanup? can the debris be claimed by its owner? how do we stop the input of trash into the ocean?

In this talk, Susan addresses the issues that come with underwater debris cleanup and discusses potential and actual solutions that can be used in communities surrounding the Salish Sea.

About Susan Anthony

Project Manager / Researcher – RESS Project

I am a passionate and curious scientist, natural historian, and conservationist. I have a BSc from the University of Victoria in Biology with a minor in Ocean Sciences. I studied at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre for my final year and then went straight into an MSc at BMSC through the University of Alberta where I studied the ecology of sea slugs. I then took a sharp turn research-wise, and studied thermal physiology in Northern arachnids, gaining an understanding of the less visible effects of climate change on ectotherms. Now, I am truly fortunate to be able to use my experiences and knowledge for SeaChange.

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