Our Oceans: A Journey of Discovery

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Our oceans are in a state of crisis, and we’re the ones responsible for it. A team of South African scientists, divers and photographers set out on a journey of discovery along one of the longest and richest coastlines in the world. Along the way, they unveil three incredible natural events to the world, whilst highlighting the impending threats, and all the while promoting the protection of our oceans.

The ‘Our Oceans’ film profiles marine expeditions aboard the conservation Research Vessel Angra Pequena, raising awareness and knowledge about South Africa’s spectacular marine ecosystems, charismatic animals and the learning journey of the scientists and Ocean Stewards on-board the vessel.

From breaching whales to footage from remote cameras more than 100m below the surface, the viewer is treated to a rich variety of imagery that shows the magic of the ocean in a way very few will ever get to experience first-hand.

This film documents the ground-breaking expeditions aboard the vessel and this unique access gives the viewer a window into the world of ocean exploration. The journey focuses on iconic species including the Humpback Whale, the Coelacanth and the Scalloped Hammerhead Shark.

South Africa, 2019, 90min | Directed by Charlie Luckock

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Trailer for “Our Oceans: A Journey of Discovery”