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Herring Curtain demonstration

Friday June 9, 10am
Mission Park, Davis Bay

Come and learn about Herring Curtains and why they are Important for Pacific Herring survival

We will demonstrate the construction of a herring curtain and explain why such curtains are important to the Pacific Herring.  There will be extra materials on hand for participants to help make a herring curtain, and these will be stored for usage next spring during spawning season.

Making a herring curtain is easy, it’s quick and it’s Important for the survival and revival of the pacific herring species! We cordially invite you to come see for yourself how you can help bring back the numbers of pacific herring in the Salish Sea!

About Margie Garrard

Margie Garrard is a Rotarian and a dedicated environmentalist. For the past few years she and her team of Rotarians have hung herring curtains off docks during spawning season to provide temporary safe habitat because of the loss of natural habitat for spawning fish due to pollution and climate change. Drawing on research done by other groups, Rotary teams are trained to clean and check these curtains weekly, so that predators such as starfish and urchins don’t devour the herring roe on the curtains. After the roe have hatched in a few weeks, and made their way off to sea, the curtains are pulled, cleaned, repaired, dried and stored til next spawn season!   

Additional resources:

We are the herring

We Are the Herring follows the journey of Pacific herring over thousands of years and reminds us of the important ecological, cultural, and economic role of this foundational species that are currently on the brink of collapse.
Video, 3:12

Courtesy of Conservancy Hornby Island