Photo of diver with glass sponge reef
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Glass Sponge Reefs and the Amazing Underwater World in Howe Sound.

This webinar was recorded and is available online at the Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative website.

Recorded Tuesday June 8, 2021.

| This webinar is presented by The Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative. The SCCA supports the work of this organization and this amazing event.

Sheila Byers, Marine Biologist with Marine Life Sanctuaries Society (MLSS) presents a deep-sea exploration of Howe Sound in the discovery of ancient glass sponge reefs, the diversity of marine life that thrive in these reef communities, and yes, even juvenile six-gill sharks that lurk in the darkness. 

Through Citizen Science research and monitoring, Glen Dennison and the MLSS team assisted Fisheries and Oceans Canada in the establishment of Marine Refuge protection for these reefs. But how do we do this and how do we ensure that the reef communities are protected for the long term? Tune in to find out! 

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