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Forage fish: More than just some Little Fish

Join Dianne Sanford of Sunshine Coast Friends of Forage Fish to learn who some of these important species are and their crucial role in the ocean’s food chain. 

During the presentation and question period we will explore these fish that are forage for many species, and discuss our local citizen science program to determine where these fish spawn on the Sunshine Coast.

This webinar was recorded in June 2021.

Additional resources:

WE are the herring: this is our story
Where there is herring there is hope… This video follows the journey of Pacific herring over thousands of years and reminds us of the important ecological, cultural, and economic role of this foundational species that are currently on the brink of collapse. Premiere of this lovely short; kindly provided by the Conservancy Hornby Island. 3:12min

Beauty and the Feast
2:41 | Haikai Institute
Every spring, nature puts on a breathtaking display on the British Columbia coast. The waters turn milky white as millions of male herring release sperm, while the female fish lay billions of pinhead-sized eggs.

Wiggly Fish – Spawning Sand Lance in BC
Otter Be Good Productions, Terry Brown (4:46).

Pacific Herring – Small Fish, Big Problem
5:59 | Conservancy Hornby Island
Visit the Conservancy site for more info and videos.

HOWE SOUND BALLET: seals & sea lion feeding on anchovy
8:18 | Bob Turner
A close up underwater view of a feeding frenzy of an anchovy “fish ball” by seals and sea lion.

Forage fish in the Salish Sea Map

Photo: Bob Turner