Featured short films

Featured short film

A Wall Worth Building

Making Clam Habitat Great Again

An article and video in the Hakai Magazine. Also, check out the NEMO talk, Clam Garden Restoration, by Indigenous knowledge holder Carl Olsen.

IOn a small island off Canada’s west coast, a group of people is rebuilding ancient clam gardens. For thousands of years, indigenous people all along the Pacific Northwest coast have cultivated clams by manipulating beaches to encourage the growth of more and bigger shellfish. These clam gardens supply a reliable and abundant source of nutritious food year round.

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Featured short film

The Nature Files: The Case of the Spawning Sockeye

EPISODE 4 of The Nature Files, from the Hakai Institute.

In the Fulmore Lake region of British Columbia, pacific salmon have been struggling to survive against global forces, like logging, which have destroyed many of their spawning beds over the last century. But the local Tlowitsis Nation has no interest in a world without salmon. How will they use environmental DNA to crack the case and restore their struggling sockeye salmon population?

Featured short film

The Silver Highway

A new film from the Conservancy Hornby Island. 11:40min, 2024.
Written by Grant Scott and Bob Turner.

Every year Pacific herring, the amazing little fish, returns to the waters around Hornby Island to create a vibrant turquoise spectacle with their spawn. Seeing the wildlife who also come for the feast inspired Conservancy Hornby Island and Grant Scott to write the story of the amazing journey of the herring who come half way around Vancouver Island to spawn in the rich waters here. These tiny fish will do this every year for up to 12 years, So it seems to us like a Silver Highway.

Featured short film

I Remember the Wind

A film by local filmmaker Sarama. Filmed in Aruba, Curaçao, and Bonaire.

I felt an absence in these islands of the indigenous
Arawak peoples, while seeing colonial forts and cannons. I
was drawn to abandoned and deserted hotels, plantations,
and wind blown slave huts. I reflected on the current oil
and cruise ship industries alongside attempts to save
damaged corals.