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Eelgrass, oxygen and everything else

| Join Nikki Wright, Executive Director of the SeaChange Marine Conservation Society, in a presentation on eelgrass, its role in oxygen production, and the many positives to our world that this seagrass provides.

Nikki Wright has been working with eelgrass and nearshore restoration for over two decades, and has touched these sensitive habitats in areas reaching from Victoria to Vancouver to the Gulf Islands to here on the Sunshine Coast. Her passion has brought light to many people on the many important functions of this plant and the habitat it provides, and she and her team have restored many hectares of shorelines over the years.”

Recorded Wednesday June 8, 2022.

Additional resources:

See Sea Slugs Scour Seagrass by the Seashore

4:14 | Deep Look, PBS
Eelgrass sea hares may look like lazy, zebra-striped spoonfuls of jello, but these sea slugs are actually environmental heroes.

Restoring Our Eelgrass

11:43 | Bob Turner
The story of eelgrass restoration on Nex̱wlélex̱wem/Bowen Island near Vancouver, BC Canada funded by Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Coastal Restoration Fund) and the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

Seagrass: Life in the Underwater Meadows

2:51 | Hakai Institute

Sea floor friendly mooring system

3:57 | SeaChange Marine Conservation Society

Eelgrass Transplant Time lapse

1:21 | Sea Change

Eelgrass and Estuaries Up to 4K

4:17 | Sarah Verstegen.
As part of the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Salish Sea Marine Survival Project, SeaChange Marine Conservation Society is restoring eelgrass habitats within estuaries of the south coast.

Photo by Jamie Smith, Coastal Photography Studio