Underwater photo of diver in eelgrass.

Eelgrass and Beyond

Protecting Resilient Estuaries on the Sunshine Coast

For the last two decades, SeaChange has worked with communities surrounding the Salish Sea to conserve, restore, and protect nearshore marine areas, so vital as nurseries for salmon and all life they depend upon. As climate changes become more impactful to these vital marine nurseries, it is increasingly important to protect those that have a higher capacity to adapt to rising sea levels and increasing storm events. SeaChange is embarking on a four year plan to identify these estuaries and restore and conserve their unique features to increase opportunities to survive climate effects and processes.

Join Dr. Susan Anthony, Resilient Estuaries Project Manager as she talks about some of the activities planned by Sea Change, including work in the Sechelt Inlet.

SeaChange surveyed eelgrass within the Islands Trust Area between 2012 -2014. Maps created from these surveys can be viewed and downloaded from the Islands Trust Fund Ecosystem Inventories website.

Recorded June 7, 2023

About Dr. Susan Anthony

Dr. Susan Anthony is a new addition to SeaChange this year. SeaChange is celebrating its 25th year of marine education, restoration, and conservation in the Salish Sea. It is a non-profit charitable society working closely with community groups with a shared goal of saving the seas.
Susan was brought on the SeaChange to lead a team in the Resilient Estuaries of the Salish Sea project: to identify critical estuarine habitats and rank their resiliency in the face of climate change. She is excited to learn and work with local communities to achieve the greatest outcome for the Salish Sea estuaries.

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