Antarctica Dance Photo

Dancing on Icebergs

The documentary film charts the two-year-long making of the short film Antarctica: The First Dance created by Kiwi choreographer Corey Baker, and Royal New Zealand Ballet star Madeleine Graham.

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Documentary, 2018, Corey Baker. 1hr 16min

The creative duo both spent twelve days on the ice for the film. “Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be there dancing. It was incredible,” Ms Graham said. The Australian-born ballerina started dancing at age seven.

Antarctica: The First Dance features Ms Graham suspended within a glacier and sliding down mountainsides as temperatures reached as low as -16 degrees. “As dancers, we’re used to looking out into the complete darkness, so to be dancing and looking out into something so spectacular and inspiring gave me that extra kind of feeling and reason to do what I was doing,” she said. Corey Baker, 5:04min, Random Acts. More info about Corey Baker.

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